How to have a productive day.

If you actually planned out your day, you’d discover that you don’t need a whole day to do all that stuff that has been taking your day.

In a day, one could have very important things to do, but then due to the unplanned stuff like checking on your social media or binge watching that attractive YouTube watch list that could chew into your time and before you know it, you’re retiring to bed exhausted & with a backlog that would have to be cleared the next day.

To save yourself from this, you have to plan. You’ll discover that the things that have been taking all day, can actually be done in less than 5 hrs. To do this, you have to cultivate the habit of writing a “To do List”, define when & how long it will take & what you’ll need to do that the things that you’ve listed.

Since in a day we are bound to get lots of distractions. Here a few tools that can act as your external memory

  • Notebook: hard copy or an app (I prefer this because I always have my phone on me)
  • Calendar (google calendar does it for me) especially if you’ve attached time to certain activities.

Try this out before retiring to bed. Note down the things that you have to do the next day. (Pay attention to the most important things that will define if you’ve been successful on that day). Define the time when you’ll do those activities. Execute your plan the next day.

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